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Our Team

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Nutrition & Wellness Coaching

Clinical Reflexology & Aromatherapy

 Guided assisted Detoxification

Holistic Cancer Coaching

Auto-Immune, Lyme, & mystery illnesses

Gut Health & Microbiome Balancing

Healthy cooking / meal planning

Guest Speaking




Anxiety and/or Stress management


Life Changes

Couples and/or family relationship issues

Difficulty managing emotions

Experiencing difficulty in accomplishing the tasks of everyday life

Desire to work on self-care and self-efficacy

Child/Adolescent behavioral issues

Sheila Agee, RN, CCR, CA


Training:  Miami University, Sinclair School of Nursing, Ohio Academy of Holistic Health, Australasian College of Health Sciences, and Global College of Natural Medicine.  I have had the privilege to study with Dr. Jesus Manzanares from Barcelona, Spain who focuses on clinical reflexology research and incorporates integrative reflexology within his family medicine practice. 


My Story:    I have been in the healthcare industry for over 25 years.  I currently hold a license as a Registered Nurse with advanced certifications and training as a holistic health practitioner with focuses in clinical reflexology, clinical aromatherapy, and holistic nutritional consulting. 


I have a strong belief in the body's ability to heal its self, given the proper environment, nourishment, and strategy and I incorporate these same beliefs into my personal life. My goal is to help clients stimulate that natural ability and move towards wellness.


Spending time with my husband and three adult children, enjoying life and embracing what God has in store for us is a true blessing.  We love the out doors!


I feel so unbelievably blessed to be given the honor and privilege to answer my calling of working with those seeking wellness.  



Shelby Agee, LPC


Training:  Miami University, Wright State University


My Story:   I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Ohio, I also am certified in Marriage & Family Counseling, Trauma-Informed Counseling, and The Seven Challenges which is an evidence based model for drug and alcohol counseling.  

I currently provide volunteer supportive services to our cancer clients through the Warriors of Wellness nonprofit organization.


My goal is to help all my clients reach their goals and to acknowledge and realize their full potential. I am passionate about treating the whole person with holistic and wellness-based approaches. I encourage my clients to look at taking care of all domains of their life - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. I aim to help my clients by providing them a safe and judgement-free environment to process what they may be going through.


Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or more information.


Much love,

Shelby Agee, MS LPC

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